ArtemesiaAnnua (Sweet Wormwood): Defined, Uses, and Benefits

Today, more and more people are leaning towards alternative medicine to achieve overall wellness. Alternative medicine or using traditional herbs is a safer and less expensive route rather than undergoing expensive procedures and medications. Likewise, it is more accessible, since traditional medicine is now available in the form of dietary supplements. And one example of a must-have nutritional supplement that came from traditional medicine is ArtemisiMAX by Biovy. 

What is ArtemisiMax?

The ArtemisiMax is a dietary supplement, which is a product of Biovy.

Biovy is one of the most reputable manufacturers of organic nutritional supplements. This company has been around for many years providing premium quality and safe supplements to help people achieve a healthier mind and body.

The ArtemisiMax is a supplement with a formula of 98% pure Artemisin extract that came from the traditional herb Artemesia Annua (Sweet Wormwood). In a nutshell, this supplement is an artemisinin extract as a pill.

This supplement is a gluten-free, non-GMO, and 100% vegan product. Since each ArtemisiMax capsule has a higher concentration of Artemisinin extract compared to other similar supplements, it has higher potency and offers more health benefits than its counterpart. 

What is Artemesia Annua?

Have you heard about Sweet Wormwood (Artemesia Annua) before?

The sweet wormwood, with the scientific Artemesia Annua, is an herb used in traditional medicine. The herb is famous for its distinctive aroma, flavor, and medicinal properties. The sweet wormwood mainly grows in Europe, however, it can easily adapt to various climates such as in Asia, South America, the United States, and even Africa.

In early 1912, this herb has a notorious reputation. Medical practitioners rarely use sweet wormwood because of its powerful hallucinogen properties and potential poison. But over the years, studies from experts showed that sweet wormwood can be beneficial to health without inducing psychoactive effects on a person, as well as poisoning. According to professionals, the herb has no hallucinogenic effect, only when extracting pure artemisinin in the herb and taking it with moderation.

What are the Health Benefits of Sweet Wormwood?

The sweet wormwood has countless health advantages. Below is a list of potential health benefits of this herb.

            #1 Alleviates Pain

Sweet wormwood contains a high level of artemisinin that has impressive pain-relieving properties. It stops pain, including the discomfort and stiffness caused by various conditions like joint inflammation and osteoarthritis. Moreover, the herb improves the physical function and mobility of those who suffer from chronic pain and other conditions associated with it.

            #2 Antioxidant Properties

The herb also contains powerful antioxidant properties that help combat oxidative stress. Oxidative stress is the root of many life-threatening diseases such as cancer, heart disease, and Alzheimer’s. Likewise, the antioxidant property of sweet wormwood helps fight the signs of aging.

            #3 Treats Digestive Problems

Traditional medicine practitioners mainly use sweet wormwood as a treatment for digestive problems, besides being a pain-reliever. The herb is useful for treating upset stomach, loss of appetite, intestinal spasms, and gall bladder disease.

More Thoughts

Indeed, sweet wormwood has many benefits. However, make sure to choose a reliable supplement brand that contains this herb, like the ArtemisiMax.

If you want to learn more about ArtemisiMax, check it out on this source.

The Power of GlycoTrax: A Natural Propionyl-L-Carnitine Supplement by Vitamonk

Have you heard about Vitamonk?

The Vitamonk is a manufacturer of dietary supplements that promote wellness. This company has been around for several years providing natural supplements to customers. It has an excellent reputation among consumers. It is known for its effective and safe dietary supplements.

Among the product lines of Vitamonk, one of the most sought out items is GlycoTrax. The GlycoTrax is a premium Glycine Propionyl-L-Carnitine supplement. It is labeled as a fantastic propionyl-l-carnitine supplements  in the market today. It also received awesome reviews from consumers which you can view at Amazon product reviews.

But the question is this; what makes GlycoTrax the best available propionyl-l-carnitine supplement?

To help you learn more about this product, here is a short review of GlycoTrax product specifications.

#1 Content

The GlycoTrax contains a powerful dosage of Propionyl-L-Carnitine which is one of the different forms of L-Carnitine. This supplement has 1000mg of Glycine Propionyl-L-Carnitine as the primary ingredient. Aside from this, GlycoTrax contains other inactive ingredients which are vegetable cellulose and rice concentrate for the capsule.

The GlycoTrax has zero allergens such as dairy products, nuts, eggs, wheat. Likewise, it is gluten-free and contains no artificial coloring, sweetener as well as preservatives.

You can guarantee that GlycoTrax has no hidden ingredients.

#2 Uses

The primary use of GlycoTrax is to enhance blood circulation. It promotes heart functions and muscle work to increase blood flow. Hence, it helps the heart in pumping blood to deliver in different parts of the body. This function supports in medicating certain conditions which are indicated below:

  • Alleviate chest pains also known as Angina
  • Treats mild and moderate Congestive Heart Failure (CHF)
  • Prevents Chronic Ischemic Heart Disease from worsening
  • Treats Peripheral Vascular Disease (PVD) that causes leg pain
  • Improves poor sexual performance and treats erectile dysfunction
  • Increases low testosterone production

#3 People Who Can Use

This dietary supplement is perfect for athletes, physically active individuals and men who are experiencing poor sexual performance. Women with poor blood circulation and other conditions associated with it can use this supplement.

Now, medical professionals prohibit this remedy to some individuals. Lactating mothers and pregnant women are advised not to take this supplement. Also, it is not ideal for individuals taking hypothyroidism medications and those with seizure history.

#4 Safe and Effective

Vitamonk does not create and release products in the market without guaranteeing its effectiveness and safety. This manufacturer formulates their product with the help of medical professionals and pharmaceutical experts. Moreover, they only use state-of-the-art facilities in producing their products.

Most importantly, Vitamonk strictly follows the FDA guidelines and complies with GMP standardization to assure that their products are safe for consumption.

#5 Low-Cost Remedy

There’s no need for you to take expensive medications to improve blood flow. The Vitamonk’s GlycoTrax is the most affordable remedy you can have. This product is available at Amazon for only $35. And, you can save more when you buy three bottles of this item.

What is your verdict about GlycoTrax? Do you want to learn more about this natural Propionyl-l-carnitine?

If you do, check it out here at Amazon.

Supplement for Improved Mitochondrial Health

Everyone has learned in their school education that the mitochondria are the powerhouse of the cell. They are an essential part found in every cell in the body; playing a big role in the overall functioning of the different systems in the body. As people age, different changes in the body occur. Noticeable changes such as lowered energy levels and inability to keep up with physically demanding activities are just some of the things people can experience as they age. These are caused by many different things and they can be understood better when the body’s health is inspected closely. Inspecting the body on a cellular level can reveal that the mitochondria is weakened as people get older or suffering a health condition; and what’s worse is these powerhouses of the cell can actually stop functioning resulting in adverse effects. Some of the effects of weakened or non-functional mitochondria are lower levels of physical functioning, fast aging, and having low levels of energy.

When the mitochondria stop giving the necessary power in the cell, the body can be in trouble. It is important to give the body the necessary supplement to promote mitochondrial health. Luckily, there is an effective mitochondria supplement for sale that is sure to help enhance the mitochondrial functions in the body. VitaMonk’s MitoTrax is a dietary supplement that is specifically formulated to help and enhance mitochondrial function to improve the body’s overall health.

Each MitoTrax capsule is packed with eleven (11) key ingredients that are known to promote and enhance cellular energy production.

NADH – this stand for nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide + hydrogen. NADH is known for having good effects in concentration, mental alertness and clarity. It is also good for enhancing memory. It has a big role in energy production; which makes it good for enhancing physical activities and treating fatigue.

CoQ10 – Coenzyme 10 also known as CoQ10, has a wide range of health benefits including improved physical performance by decreasing oxidative stress in the cells, which improves mitochondrial functions.

Alpha Lipoic Acid – is also known as ALA; which is known for having good antioxidant properties which help defend against cell damage.

L-Carnitine – is an amino acid that plays a major role in energy production by transporting fatty acids into the mitochondria which then burns to create energy in the cell.

B1 – vitamin B1 or Thiamine can enhance energy in the body, fight stress, and enhance learning abilities. The body requires Vitamin B1 to effectively use carbohydrates in the body.

B2 – vitamin B2, or Riboflavin, is involved in promoting normal cell growth and function in the body.

Magnesium Citrate – can be used a dietary supplement that can help in cleansing the body.

Calcium Phosphate – calcium plays an important role in maintaining normal functioning of the cells, nerves, bone, and muscle in the body.

Curcumin – Curcumin is a well-known anti-inflammatory substance that can help in fighting chronic inflammation that can lead to cancer, heart problems, and other diseases.

Schizandra – this can help in resisting stress and diseases while increasing physical energy and endurance.

The MitoTrax is specially formulated with ingredients that are known to be effective in promoting cellular energy production and health. It is fast, effective, and most importantly, safe to use to give that optimal body functioning by reinforcing the body in a cellular level.

Foods to Eat and Avoid for Chronic Fatigue


Going through CFS or Chronic Fatigue Syndrome could be a long and tiring process. It could affect your work, your relationships with your family and friends, and also affect your life negatively because of the various symptoms the condition could make you experience. Although there is no single cure for this medical condition, there are some foods that would help you to overcome this disorder.

Foods That Could Help

  1. Water

Dehydration can cause chronic fatigue syndrome to become worse. It is important to stay hydrated all the time. Drink lots of water and other healthy juices to give refreshment to your fatigued body.

  1. Vegetables

Different kinds of vegetables contain numerous vitamins and minerals that your body needs. Green leafy vegetables, red veggies, and yellow ones can help in many ways. Some could help boost your immune system. Others could give you energy. Certain foods also have antioxidants that could get rid of unwanted substances in your body. Add a lot of vitamin B to your diet, as well.

  1. Healthy Fats

Omega 3 fatty acids and other healthy fats are important to keep your brain and heart healthy. Fish, walnuts, extra virgin oil, avocados, and more are great sources of healthy fats. Some of these fats can also improve your immune system, cognitive functions, and even hormonal balance.

  1. Protein

Protein is a very important substance that the body needs for it to grow stronger. It is the building block for bones, tissues, blood, skin and cartilage. Protein also provides the essential amino acids that your body needs. You can get protein from eggs, chicken, fish, beans and nuts among many others.

  1. Grains

If you have CFS, you would need all the energy you need. Grains are one of the best sources of carbohydrates which give energy. Brown rice, oatmeal, and barley are just some of the best sources of the grains you would need to include in your diet.

  1. Supplements

There are different chronic fatigue syndrome supplements that you can find in the market these days. Amazon sells this chronic fatigue supplement that contains natural ingredients which can help you become more energized and focused all day.

Foods to Avoid:

  • Caffeine

Some people need a daily dose, or more, of coffee every morning to help start their day. But, if you are suffering from CFS, you should avoid drinking any beverage with caffeine completely. Caffeine only gives temporary energy and could affect your sleep.

  • Sugar

Sugar can give you high amounts of energy. However, these kinds of energy can burn down easily. If you consume too much sugar, especially refined sugar, you would expect a sudden crash in your body. You would also be experiencing excessive fatigue after you have used up all the energy.

  • Junk Food And Processed Foods

These kinds of food are bad for your overall health. They contain some ingredients that could harm your body and make you sick. Instead of snacking on some junk food or preparing meals with processed foods, you should learn different organic foods that would give you the same type of satisfaction.

  • Inflammatory Foods

Processed meats, fried foods, food products containing high levels of sugar and refined flour are some of the foods that could cause inflammation in the body. Avoid eating them as much as possible, especially if you are in the healing process.

Taking Good Care of the Kidneys

Our body is made up of two kidneys, located left and right, which are responsible for reabsorption of nutrients, removal of toxins, and filtration of substances that enter the body. Meaning, they play a vital role in making sure that our body is full of nutrients but free of toxins. Today, we have definitely have heard and are familiar with dialysis, a last option treatment procedure for individuals who have kidney or renal diseases.

With that in regard, a lot of you are already curious about the things that you can do so that you can keep your kidneys healthy or functional. If you are not yet convinced about the importance of keeping a healthy kidney, let us tell you that once the kidneys are damaged, it is irreversible or can only be resolved through kidney transplant since dialysis itself is just a process of cleansing the blood from toxins. Below, we have listed some ways on how you can take care of your kidneys before it is too late.

Proper Hydration

Drinking the right amount of water, which is usually six to eight glasses a day, is one of the best means to help the kidneys flush out toxins. That is according to physicians and to the National Kidney Foundation. Water is the universal solvent making it possible to dilute all compounds present in the kidneys. Such will also make you urinate more often which can maximize the natural cleansing activities of the body.

Consuming juice made from green plants like herbs, vegetables, and fruits are also a great way to cleanse the kidneys and the body as a whole. That is because these ingredients are rich in antioxidants. In addition, both water and green juices can help control your blood pressure and prevent diabetes which is known to be diseases that are a big threat to the kidneys.

Proper Diet

Eating the right kind of food is always something that people to consider. When it comes to maintaining the health of the kidneys, food that is recommended includes those that are rich in magnesium, potassium, ascorbic acid, and Vitamin B-complex but low in sodium and phosphorus. Examples of which are berries, apples, banana, oatmeal, garlic, onion, and mushroom.

Drinking Probiotics

Probiotics are marketed as products that help maintain the normal bacterial flora of the intestines. Little do we know that such is also the same with the kidneys since they also have a role in maintaining the health of the digestive system.

Using Dietary Supplements

Nowadays, you can already purchase a kidney health supplement at Amazon and other online retail stores. The popularity is owed to the fact that most of them are made from natural ingredients. Thus, if you are not a person who is not fond of eating the food we have mentioned above, as well as those that make green juices, then dietary supplements can help provide the necessary nutrients that the kidneys need. Nonetheless, this product cannot be used by people who already have kidney diseases.

Final Thoughts

Having a healthy pair of kidneys is something that should be considered by anyone. As can be seen from above, you can do it the natural way.

How to Outsmart Your Food Cravings

One minute you are convinced to refuse food cravings, the next thing, you just cannot resist it. Suppressing food cravings is one of the most challenging tasks for most dieters, especially those who love food so much. In fact, as the dieter’s number one enemy, losing weight is almost impossible. If you are currently trying to lose some weight by controlling your hunger, below are some tips on how to outsmart your cravings:

Tip #1: Drink a Lot of Water

Did you know that sometimes thirst can be confused with hunger? According to the experts, since thirst and hunger are both signaled at the hypothalamus, the confusion between the two sensations are evident. To determine whether you are hungry or thirsty, try drinking eight oz of water, then, wait for 15 minutes. If you find yourself still hungry, then, that means you are really hungry, otherwise, you are just thirsty.

Tip #2: Try avoiding what makes you hungry.

Although it is impossible, still, you have to try your best to avoid food that could entice your hunger. For instance, try not to access pages in social media that represent food. Also, try to avoid watching cooking shows, reading some food magazines, and more. If unavoidable, try chewing some gum. According to the experts, chewing gums are a big help in reducing cravings or appetite.

Tip #3: Never skip meal

Skipping meal is a bad idea. Even though your main goal is to reduce weight, you should never skip meals because it could only entice one of your “hunger hormones”, which is the ghrelin. This peptide hormone is responsible for increasing appetite. So, do not skip meals.

Tip #4: Try taking hunger suppressing supplements.

Did you know that you can suppress your food cravings? If there are supplements that can help increase weight and increase the appetite, there is also a fast-acting hunger suppressor supplement that is perfect for dieters – Vitamonk’s Hunger Smack. According to the expert, the supplement contains all natural and powerful ingredient such as Garcinia Cambogia, Chromium, and Potassium Hydrocitric Acid, which are found to be fast acting ingredients that help burn fats. You may buy this appetite suppressant supplement online.

Tip #5: Fight away stress

Stress is the most common cause of cravings; this condition is called “stress eating”. According to the experts, stress can increase the level of your cortisol in the blood; thus, it makes you gain weight.

Tip #6: Try what they call the “mindful eating”.

Mindful eating is a form of meditation that helps you recognize the real hunger. It helps you defy cravings no matter how strong the temptations are. In fact, several monks are using this technique, where it helps them resist temptation over several worldly materials, especially luxurious food. Also, it helps them live a simple life. Cravings are the worst enemy for dieters; however, it can be controlled with a strong will and with the help of the top ways on how to outsmart your cravings. Also, do not forget to take supplements that can help suppress your hunger all the time.


Important Compounds That Help Uric Acid Regulation

Gout or arthritis is a condition that can limit a person’s productivity since he or she cannot move properly. At times, the affected individual cannot even walk at all because of the pain and severe inflammation experienced. Medically speaking, the main cause of this condition is hyperuricemia or an increased level in the blood levels of uric acid, which is a breakdown product of purine or nucleic acid metabolism.

People who have hyperuricemia are required to take chemical-based medications that have been prescribed by their physicians. However, for those who want to go the natural route, they can include natural supplements in their diet. These supplements contain fruits or vegetables that contain certain compounds that are normally present in the body. Since they are incorporated in the supplement, the level of the substance will be increased; thus, enhancing the function.

With that in regard, before you even purchase a natural uric acid amazon supplement, you must evaluate the contents and identify it such will be helpful at some point. Listed below are the compounds that are important for uric acid regulation.

Protein, Digestive Enzymes, and Diuretics

Protein is a compound that is responsible for many bodily functions, especially cell synthesis. As we may have learned from our basic biology, cells are the building blocks of all tissues and organs in the body. Hence, production of new cells will ensure that all the organs in the body will function well. Digestbreak Downes, on the other hand, will help break down the elements that we introduce in our body making it possible for them break down uric acid crystals for easy elimination.

Diuretics, of course, are compounds that will increase your urine production which leads to the dilution of uric acid and frequent elimination via urination. One of the plants that contain such important substances is alfalfa in combination with spearmint.


The liver is one of the most important organs that help eliminate toxic materials in the body or detoxify it. With that in regard, in the presence of healthy antioxidants, it will function more efficiently while maintaining the normal protein synthesis as well as protecting the cells in the body. Plants that are rich in natural antioxidants that not just maintain good liver health but also proper bile flow include turmeric, milk thistle, schizandra, dandelion, reishi mushroom, and artichoke.

Other fruits that contain a specific antioxidant called flavonoid include those that belong to the cherry, berry, and citrus families as well as green tea. What is more amazing about these plants is that besides the ones mentioned above, they also promote blood health and intestine maintenance.

Final Conclusion

Dietary supplements for uric acid regulation are becoming more popular because of the interest of many individuals in ensuring that they do not introduce too much chemicals in their body.

Nonetheless, people should still be careful when choosing one and make sure that it has ingredients that can promote the health of the three major organs responsible for detoxification namely kidneys, liver, and intestines. Additionally, they should also make sure that they have already consulted their physician especially if they are already taking medications.

The Dangers of “Skinny Fat”: the Top Reasons Why Thin People Should Gain Weight

Who does not want to be thin? However, being thin does not mean you are healthy and fit. In fact, according to several new studies, slim people can have deadly levels of hidden fat than those who are obese; these people are often referred as “skinny fat”. Several fashion magazines prefer their models thin – “the thinner they are, the better” – a stereotype that should be eradicated. However, millions of people around the globe are not very affectionate about gaining weight because of the misconception about health, obesity, and slim. What does “skinny fat” means?

While obesity is epidemic in almost every part of the world, “skinny fat” on the other hand is an underrated epidemic that only a few want to talk about. According to the medical description, “skinny fat” defines a person who is metabolically obese but weighs normal or below what is normal. In comparison to an obese person where the fat mostly builds up subcutaneously, thin people’s fat often develops viscerally, which means the fat envelopes at the vital organs – relatively a huge problem for “skinny fat” that could be dangerous to health. If you are currently slim but still thrive to maintain a diet to become even thinner, below are the top two reasons why you should stop your current goal and should start gaining weight:

Reason #1: High risk of heart disease

Although it is uncommon for slim people to develop heart disease, several types of research have proven that even thin people are at high risk of developing heart diseases. Disregard the stereotyping, most slim people often neglect to eat a balanced diet because of the perception they are healthy. Due to poor eating habit and poor diet, developing visceral fat is highly possible.

Reason #2: High risk of diabetes

One of the most common health issues that skinny fat people are at risk is developing diabetes. In fact, according to a study done in the University of Florida, one-third of Americans that are slim have pre-diabetes, where it is the primary stage of diabetes.

How do you know if you are “skinny fat”?

  • You always feel light-headed and dizzy after a few activities
  • Your body composition analysis result shows your subcutaneous fat is less than your visceral fat
  • You always feel weak
  • Even slim, you have an excess belly fat How to avoid being skinny fat?
  1. Eat healthy food and never skip meals

Every meal is important, however, you need to eat only those with high protein, calories, and carbohydrates to have a faster weight gain. Also, do not skip meals; skipping meals can lead to decreased appetite.

  1. Take necessary supplement

If you want to increase your weight fast and effective, you need to take natural appetite stimulant. These types of supplements will help you increase your appetite and gain weight.

  1. Always manage your stress

Stress is one of the main reasons of weight decrease; according to several experts, stress can reduce your strength and your appetite. So, if you want to gain weight, why not try to manage your stress efficiently. Being slim does not mean you are healthy. If you want to avoid the dangers of being thin, try managing your diet, your daily activities, and always stay happy.

A Closer Look at Biovy Nervasil Dietary Supplement

Dietary, food, or nutritional supplements are products that are starting to make a name in the world. That is because people today are becoming more conscious of the things that they consume because of the many diseases that are already manifesting themselves. These products are known to contain natural ingredients that are why they have not been approved as a therapeutic alternative. They are only responsible for helping the body produce or increase the production of certain nutrients.

Nerve-related pain like a tension headache, muscle spasm, and the likes are becoming common because of the stressful life that we have today. Most of us work eight to ten hours a day, some sit on their cubicles at such period, and others are in front of the computer monitors. These situations can sometimes reduce the proper functioning of the nervous system and at times, damage the nerves or cells in the system. Hence, some manufacturers have started producing supplements that target the nervous system.

One company, Biovy, has introduced their own nerve pain supplement that is said to promote natural nervous system growth, repair, and function. With that in mind, we will look at it in detail and see why the company claims such.

Biovy Nervasil Dietary Supplement

This dietary supplement is packaged in a tightly sealed and puncture-resistant 2 x 2 x 3 inches plastic bottle. It contains 120 capsules and is recommended to be taken twice a day with two capsules each. Nonetheless, it is strongly precautioned that pregnant and lactating women should not take this. Likewise, those with underlying conditions and consuming other medications should consult their physicians before even popping this supplement in their mouths.


Ingredient-wise, it contains the necessary compounds needed by the nervous system. Such include Vitamin B complex, magnesium, inositol, benfotiamine, alpha lipoic acid (ALA), and acetyl L-Carnitine (ALC). The manufacturer also incorporated some plant-based extracts or powder like Chinese skullcap and the mushroom Lion’s Mane which have been used for centuries as herbal medicines.

The most interesting fact about this supplement is that all the ingredients have been formulated carefully by licensed doctors. Meaning, the amount of each content is at a level wherein it is safe for consumption and to prevent interaction between one another. Likewise, the capsule used to enclose the active ingredients is also made of natural elements namely rice flour and vegetable cellulose.

Consumer Safety and Satisfaction

This dietary supplement for nerves is manufactured in a well-maintained facility that strictly follows Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and Food and Drug Administration (FDA) specified standards and guidelines. In addition, to ensure their client’s satisfaction, this product comes with a 100% money-back, no-questions-asked guarantee offer.

Final Thoughts

Being a known dietary supplement manufacturer that uses quality ingredients and strict quality assurance procedures, the Biovy Nervasil is something that people should consider to maintain a healthy nervous system. This, however, should not be taken by individuals who have special conditions. Likewise, it should not serve as a replacement for any nerve conditions that need serious medical treatment plans or procedures.

Natural Pain Relief

Most people would eventually seek out the help of non-steroidal inflammatory drugs, or NSAIDs, for the relief of any type of pain. An example of this would be aspirin, which is not only anti-inflammatory but is also an anti-coagulant, which has a side effect of bleeding tendencies. Others would opt for an ibuprofen or acetaminophen, such as an Advil or Tylenol. There are millions and millions of users for these kinds of pain relief drugs and billions are buying and using them over-the-counter. They tend to settle for these drugs for the relief of pain. Unfortunately, they do not provide long-term effects and when taken for a significantly longer duration, other negative effects may start to arise.

Pharmaceutical drugs that are recommended and prescribed for pain relief can be as effective as they claim but not as safe as they should be. Some of these drugs can be very enticing considering the way they are advertised. The unfortunate truth about some of these pain relievers is the fact that they can be effective in the relief of pain but the side effects of prolonged intake and failure to follow recommended dosage can be deadly. Fortunately enough, there are natural ways and supplements that can be of great help in the relief of pain without worrying too much about the negative effects.

For pain that is somehow manageable at home, it is highly recommended to try out some home remedies as natural ways to provide relief to the pain. Among the most effective ones is the application of ice. The ice is an effective and highly regarded remedy for pain, most especially during the first hours of an injury or any other cause of pain happened. The recommended for the application of ice as a pain relief home remedy is icing the area for around 10 to 15 minutes, which can be done at least four times in a day. This is most effective during the first 48 hours of pain.

After the application of cold, you can apply warmth afterwards. The heat has the capacity to help provide relief to pain and dilate the blood vessels. The dilation can enhance the flow of blood to the affected area, and with blood comes the nutrients and other elements of the human body that can help relieve pain and reduce inflammation.

Aside from the application of coldness and warmth, which is generally short term, there are natural pain relief supplements that can be effective in addressing pain, whatever intensity and no matter how long it had been. These products may seem like those pharmaceutical medications because they are taken like pills or tablets, however, with supplements, you are ensured of natural ingredients and agents as pain relievers.


The best natural supplement is the one that contains the most effective ingredients that nature can provide in the relief of pain. One of these components is fish oil, turmeric, chives, ginger, and certain herbs, such as green tea and holy basil. Learn more about natural pain relief supplements through the internet.