Boosting Brain Wellness: Tips on How to Improve Your Memory and Cognition

As you grow old, the hormonal levels in your body gradually deplete, causing your brain to have lower performance. About 60 percent of your hormone level will be lost when you reach the age of 65 and above. All of these are a consequence of the aging process wherein your body suddenly stops producing enough hormones to do certain functions successfully. Poor memory and cognition is a debilitating condition. Imagine forgetting where you placed your eyeglasses, the name of the person who has just meet a few minutes ago or suddenly blanking out when you are asked for information. It’ll be a total trouble for your work and daily routines at home.

The good news is; even with the unstoppable aging process, you can still improve both of your memory and cognitive abilities. All you have to do is follow the simple tips indicated below:

Eat Nutritious Food

It is a general knowledge that eating nutritious foods is a must. Having a balanced meal complete with fruits, vegetables, and the right amount meat is the way to a disease-free life. It is also advised to add in your diet the best brain food like nuts, salmon, blueberries and much more instead of eating oily and sugary treats for snacks. These so-called “food for the brain” are rich in omega-3 and choline which can help to improve your brain health including memory retention, focus, and cognition.

Schedule Regular Exercises

Exercising supports your body in producing hormones that are responsible for memory and cognition. Moreover, doing regular exercises stimulates the nerve cells in your brain which is good for developing mental functions. You do not have to enroll at a gym or ask a personal physical trainer to do exercises. Walking, running, dancing or playing the sports you love is an excellent way to move your body and sweat.

Avoid Multi-Tasking

Some working individuals do multitasking to finish their task earlier or on time. Frequently doing this to yourself has a negative effect on your brain. The brain also gets exhausted and stressed with excessive work. Thus, doing more than two things at a time can do harmful effects in your brain. Professionals say that the human brain needs at least eight to ten seconds to memorize a particular information. Hence, bombarding your brain with too much information will let you have poor concentration and inability to remember things.

Increasing Hormone and Neurotransmitter Levels

The hormones and neurotransmitters in your brain have a major role in keeping some of the brain’s primary functions like concentration, mood, memory and learning abilities. Low levels of hormones can cause a big problem to your mental condition. This circumstance is often the cause of depression, anxiety, and other psychological disorders. What you can do to improve your hormonal level is to use pregnenolone, a substance which assists in increasing the production of hormones in the body. Let yourself experience the difference of having an excellent memory by taking pregnenolone. You can buy pregnenolone on Amazon right now!


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