Muscle-Building Foods and Supplements

Serious bodybuilders all agree that training hard is never enough to achieve greater muscle mass. Taking muscle-building supplements and having a balanced diet that’s right for your body and for your fitness goals are also must if you’re really aiming at building muscles.


So what are some of the best foods and supplements that should make it to a muscle builder’s meal? Read on so you’ll know which ones to pick for your next meals and snacks.


The first thing on the list is something that you’ll encounter in all health magazines and websites and hear from fitness experts all the time – an adequate amount of protein. You need to realize that building muscle mass is impossible without proper protein intake. If you’ll be calculating the nutrients in your every meal, you need to get at least 30 percent of calories on a regular basis coming from high-protein foods.


Among the common foods that are laden with the protein that you need to build muscles are beef, chicken and other poultry, fish, and eggs. Other sources that you should also consider including in your diet are nuts, beans, and seeds. If you love dairy, choose low-fat yogurt, milk, cottage cheese, and the like to add to your daily diet. Additionally, you can take an HMB supplement, which is known to increase lean muscle mass while reducing the amount of fat mass. What’s more, the supplement is known to help you recover faster from your workouts.


So you’ll be able to add pure protein without the added fats and sugars that most common foods have, you should think of taking supplements like protein shakes. These favorite muscle-building supplements of today effectively help in recovering and repairing your muscles instantly after workout sessions. Strenuous training programs can even be more challenging if you are not consuming enough protein. Thankfully, these shakes do an excellent job in meeting your needs.


You’ll usually find in health shops selling five different options according to the type of protein in the product, including whey, casein, egg, soy, and hemp. There are also blended protein shakes. To know which variant you should consume, check the ingredients and the type of protein that you most need or that you think will be most appropriate for your system. You may also eat whey or soy protein bars when you need quick snacks on the go.


Another useful reminder is for you to drink at least a liter of water per day. The workout can be physically exhausting, and being dehydrated can cause serious problems on your end. In addition, water makes your muscle look larger. It also pushes you to your limits, thus allowing you to build muscle faster.

Carbohydrates and fats are also important. So before going full gear and eating nothing but protein foods, keep in mind that carbs help your body maintain its energy. It gives you the motivation to train longer and that eventually leads you to positive results. Lifting heavier weights can be much easier if you have consumed enough carbs.


Meal replacement shakes are also good muscle-building supplements. However, this should only be taken if you’re having trouble getting all the carbs, protein, fats, and calories that you need.

There are really many good muscle-building supplements and foods out there. If you want to know which would be the best ones for you and your fitness goals, it would be ideal to get ideas from the experts – longtime bodybuilders, pieces of advice on reputable health magazines and websites, and even your physician.

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