Famous Celebrities with Amazingly High IQs

People rarely expect movie idols to have high IQs. This prejudice may be partly a result of the way media always blows up the foibles and ridiculous events of their lives while failing to mention what they have achieved in the brains department. Some are even members of MENSA, a society which requires members to score at least 132 on the Stanford-Binet IQ test.

Here are some famous celebrities who may give you a mild shock when you find out that they have a lot going for them between the ears. Moreover, if you want to be like these celebrities and sharpen your IQ, here’s a good uridine supplement you could try that has been proven highly effective in improving a person’s IQ and fluid intelligence.

  • Jodie Foster

At 13, Jody Foster won her first Academy Award nomination for playing a child prostitute in “Taxi Driver”. Later, she was a recipient of an Oscar trophy for her performance as a rape victim in “The Accused”, and another one for her stellar performance as FBI Agent Clarice Starling in “Silence of the Lambs”. Her career has included multiple awards and successful stints as both director and producer. Few people know that she graduated magna cum laude from Yale with a bachelor’s degree, nd that she has an IQ of 132.

This colorful personality whose career has spanned three decades is known for constantly reinventing herself with controversial performances. She was a straight A student in high school, had a dance scholarship to the University of Michigan, and an IQ of 140.

  • Steve Martin

Known for his funny roles in “Father of the Bride”, “Leap of Faith”, “Cheaper by the Dozen”, “Pink Panther”, and many more. Steve Martin once considered the more serious career path of teaching Philosophy. He majored in Philosophy at CalState and is said to have an IQ of 142.

  • James Woods

With his IQ of 180, James Woods was able to get a full scholarship to MIT. However, he is one of the famous celebrities who gave up formal schooling for acting.

  • Dolph Lundgren

Famous for brawny roles, Dolph Lundgren is not at all the nerdy type. However, this 6’5″ 240 pound martial arts icon has an IQ of 160, which made it possible for him to acquire a degree in chemistry from Washington State University, a degree in chemical engineering from the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, plus a Master’s Degree in Chemical Engineering from University of Sydney, and a Fulbright scholarship to MIT.

  • Quentin Tarantino

No one can deny the creative genius Quentin Tarantino, the high school dropout who created masterpieces like “Inglourious Basterds”, “Pulp Fiction”, and “Kill Bill”. Evidently, these works were products not of school but his 160 IQ. Tarantino is a member of MENSA.

  • Sharon Stone

People still remember Stone’s performance in “Basic Instinct”, a movie which gave her a reputation for a star who could put a lot of steam in a scene. Stone, apart from being a dynamic actress was also a college freshman at the age of 15. With her IQ of 154, admission to MENSA was a sure thing.

Who would have thought these celebrities have IQs that qualify them for membership to MENSA? This certainly adds a new twist to the old saying, “Don’t judge a book by its cover”.

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