The Dangers of “Skinny Fat”: the Top Reasons Why Thin People Should Gain Weight

Who does not want to be thin? However, being thin does not mean you are healthy and fit. In fact, according to several new studies, slim people can have deadly levels of hidden fat than those who are obese; these people are often referred as “skinny fat”. Several fashion magazines prefer their models thin – “the thinner they are, the better” – a stereotype that should be eradicated. However, millions of people around the globe are not very affectionate about gaining weight because of the misconception about health, obesity, and slim. What does “skinny fat” means?

While obesity is epidemic in almost every part of the world, “skinny fat” on the other hand is an underrated epidemic that only a few want to talk about. According to the medical description, “skinny fat” defines a person who is metabolically obese but weighs normal or below what is normal. In comparison to an obese person where the fat mostly builds up subcutaneously, thin people’s fat often develops viscerally, which means the fat envelopes at the vital organs – relatively a huge problem for “skinny fat” that could be dangerous to health. If you are currently slim but still thrive to maintain a diet to become even thinner, below are the top two reasons why you should stop your current goal and should start gaining weight:

Reason #1: High risk of heart disease

Although it is uncommon for slim people to develop heart disease, several types of research have proven that even thin people are at high risk of developing heart diseases. Disregard the stereotyping, most slim people often neglect to eat a balanced diet because of the perception they are healthy. Due to poor eating habit and poor diet, developing visceral fat is highly possible.

Reason #2: High risk of diabetes

One of the most common health issues that skinny fat people are at risk is developing diabetes. In fact, according to a study done in the University of Florida, one-third of Americans that are slim have pre-diabetes, where it is the primary stage of diabetes.

How do you know if you are “skinny fat”?

  • You always feel light-headed and dizzy after a few activities
  • Your body composition analysis result shows your subcutaneous fat is less than your visceral fat
  • You always feel weak
  • Even slim, you have an excess belly fat How to avoid being skinny fat?
  1. Eat healthy food and never skip meals

Every meal is important, however, you need to eat only those with high protein, calories, and carbohydrates to have a faster weight gain. Also, do not skip meals; skipping meals can lead to decreased appetite.

  1. Take necessary supplement

If you want to increase your weight fast and effective, you need to takeĀ natural appetite stimulant. These types of supplements will help you increase your appetite and gain weight.

  1. Always manage your stress

Stress is one of the main reasons of weight decrease; according to several experts, stress can reduce your strength and your appetite. So, if you want to gain weight, why not try to manage your stress efficiently. Being slim does not mean you are healthy. If you want to avoid the dangers of being thin, try managing your diet, your daily activities, and always stay happy.

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