With the hustle and bustle of the day, stress is most certainly going to pop up now and then as we are all humans but then, it is also important to know that it could be contained in a lot of ways possible. Most times, we tend to worry about certain life stressing issues such as; the family, the kids, work, school and more but then again dealing with stress could help prevent you from looking older than your real age as this is one major characteristic when stressed.

This article is here to help with a couple of tips to consider when controlling stress and they are listed below;


It is important to know that alcohol is a major depressant when guzzled in large amounts and as a trigger in lesser quantities. When stress occurs, it is important to replace alcoholic and caffeinated drinks with water, tea or fruits in the form of smoothies.


Exercising is a major way to controlling stress and can be a substitute to metabolizing extreme tension hormones and help bring back sanity and calm to your mind as well as your body to a more peaceful condition.


Sleeping is a major solution to controlling and solving stress. Research has it that majority of those with a proper form of sleep tend to be triggered by stress and tension. It is also a fact that stress could prevent proper rest and sleep as the human thoughts are clouded by problems and how to solve them but then, on the other hand, making sure to sleep could help relieve you afterward. It is advisable to go to bed same time every day, so the body and subconscious get programmed to a particular sleep time. This prevents insomnia.


Make it a habit to relax often either at the work place or at home. Try distracting yourself once you


notice you are liable to get stressed by a particular work or situation. Some people are known to play video games as a means of controlling stress, and some go out for a walk or jog, some go swimming. All these are relaxation methods and a form of relaxing the mind and controlling stress alongside.


Stress sometimes lead to depression and in other to avoid this stage of stress, it is important to talk to people; colleagues or neighbors to help control the level of stress you may be experiencing.



This is also known medically as Trichophyton usually found on athletes but has the high chance of been developed by any human. This is the condition whereby the toes get itchy and sometimes develop a rash.

There are various symptoms when talking about athlete’s foot that could signal the presence of a bacteria (fungi) infection. Usually, the skin around the contaminated areas develop flakiness as well as get quite dry which tend to peel off from thereby evolving into blisters and redness of the affected area. It is advisable not to itch on affected areas but rather immediately go to the hospital to see your doctor for proper medical attention.

Athlete’s foot is usually caused by the presence of a fungus called dermatophytes which live harmlessly on the human skin. This bacterial infection tends to occur between toes and on other occasions, in other areas of the feet. Majorly, most people that get affected by the athlete’s foot are usually those that walk around with socks on and shoes while those who get to walk barefoot and air their legs are less likely to get infected with the athlete’s foot.


Athletes’ foot could be handled by a DIY process from home by literally taking care of your feet, but for those with chronic conditions and diabetics, it is important to see your doctor or physician.

Trichophyton could be treated by the use of nonprescription antifungals such as; Lamisil, Micatin, Lotrimin, Tinactin and more. These antifungals usually come as lotions and creams or ointments and gels to be applied on the affected area lasting between one to six weeks, and if there is no positive result, you are required to see your doctor.

Take into consideration proper foot care to prevent and treat athlete foots. This foot care measures are;

  • Keeping your feet always clean and out of moist: it is important to towel dry your feet and every corner around your toes properly most especially those that are water friendly and enjoy swimming now and then or taking a shower.
  • Put on footwear that gives room to air: it is advisable to put on perforated sandals or shoes that let air through. By so doing, your leg tends to breathe and keep dry while carrying out your days’ work.
  • Always wear socks: socks help absorb sweat on the feet, and it is advisable always to have an extra pair all the time. Medically speaking, you are required to change your socks twice daily at least, but if you feel you sweat more, then you could change your socks as many times as possible.
  • Apply powder to feet: once you get home, it is important to apply talcum powder or other antifungal powders to your feet to help dry up moist.



It is important to consider certain things before getting yourself a tattoo. This article brings into mind considerable factors to have awareness on before deciding to ink your body.


Have you tried pricking yourself with a needle? If you have not, then you should try it out to know how much pain your body can tolerate. When getting a tattoo most especially in sensitive parts of the body like; the breast, groin areas, elbows or knees, etc. it is important first to have knowledge of the limit to pain your body can take. Tattoos require constant injecting of ink with a sharp needle into a sub layer of the skin, and this could be quite painful most especially if it is your first.


A newly made tattoo could get damaged from direct contact with sunlight or entry into water. It is important to consider the timing of the season or pre planned activities such as going for a weekend on the beach or a pool party before getting a tattoo. Contact with water could smear the ink as well as for those who intend getting a tattoo in an open part of their skin, and direct sunlight could damage your tattoo as well. In a case of timing, spring and maybe autumn are the best time of the year to get a tattoo.


It is important to have an idea who you decide to trust your body inking with. Take out time to scout for an artist couple days or even weeks before your proposed date. Find out more about his works and possibly those whom he has inked as well. Go through their photo books of self-made jobs by the artist, check out the feedback tab from previous customers as well, make certain your confidence in the artist as regards their style and techniques in which they carry out the tattoo process. If you are quite satisfied, then you could decide to go ahead with getting a tattoo on your body.


You should be careful when it comes to having a tattoo and be ready for the consequences. Are you sure you would love to get your body tattooed on? Could it cost you an office job in the future if you decide to go white collar? Do you intend getting your partners name on your body and what is the probability you would be together for a life time? All this and much more are likable questions to ask yourself before considering getting a tattoo.