Most people would eventually seek out the help of non-steroidal inflammatory drugs, or NSAIDs, for the relief of any type of pain. An example of this would be aspirin, which is not only anti-inflammatory but is also an anti-coagulant, which has a side effect of bleeding tendencies. Others would opt for an ibuprofen or acetaminophen, such as an Advil or Tylenol. There are millions and millions of users for these kinds of pain relief drugs and billions are buying and using them over-the-counter. They tend to settle for these drugs for the relief of pain. Unfortunately, they do not provide long-term effects and when taken for a significantly longer duration, other negative effects may start to arise.

Pharmaceutical drugs that are recommended and prescribed for pain relief can be as effective as they claim but not as safe as they should be. Some of these drugs can be very enticing considering the way they are advertised. The unfortunate truth about some of these pain relievers is the fact that they can be effective in the relief of pain but the side effects of prolonged intake and failure to follow recommended dosage can be deadly. Fortunately enough, there are natural ways and supplements that can be of great help in the relief of pain without worrying too much about the negative effects.

For pain that is somehow manageable at home, it is highly recommended to try out some home remedies as natural ways to provide relief to the pain. Among the most effective ones is the application of ice. The ice is an effective and highly regarded remedy for pain, most especially during the first hours of an injury or any other cause of pain happened. The recommended for the application of ice as a pain relief home remedy is icing the area for around 10 to 15 minutes, which can be done at least four times in a day. This is most effective during the first 48 hours of pain.

After the application of cold, you can apply warmth afterwards. The heat has the capacity to help provide relief to pain and dilate the blood vessels. The dilation can enhance the flow of blood to the affected area, and with blood comes the nutrients and other elements of the human body that can help relieve pain and reduce inflammation.

Aside from the application of coldness and warmth, which is generally short term, there are natural pain relief supplements that can be effective in addressing pain, whatever intensity and no matter how long it had been. These products may seem like those pharmaceutical medications because they are taken like pills or tablets, however, with supplements, you are ensured of natural ingredients and agents as pain relievers.


The best natural supplement is the one that contains the most effective ingredients that nature can provide in the relief of pain. One of these components is fish oil, turmeric, chives, ginger, and certain herbs, such as green tea and holy basil. Learn more about natural pain relief supplements through the internet.